Onufri Restaurant


Hidden away in the historic Onufri Hotel (check out the ceiling the restaurant ), this sophisticated yet relaxed restaurant is well worth seeking out. The menu ranges from down-to-earth but delicious dishes such as stuffed eggplants ,the famous Vienez ( calf meat stuffed with cheese and eggs ) Best of traditional food from Berat regions are part of our menu .To inventive dishes built around fresh Albanian Product .Located inside of the Historic centre is the place to be if you want to experience the city like an Albanian . The interior can be described as cozy, charming and traditional with lamp hanging from the ceiling and an eclectic array of treasures hanging on the walls. The menu lists traditional numerous dishes alongside international dishes. Onufri is the type of restaurant where families, friends and co-workers go to enjoy good food and talk late into the night. For great food on a budget with a relaxed atmosphere, Onufri is not to be missed.

  • Rruga Mihal Komnena, Berat, Albania
  • +355 32 502 444
  • h.onufri@gmail.com