Berat Castle (Albanian: Kalaja e Beratit), also refrred to as the Citadel of Berat and castle quarter, is a fortress overlooking the town of Berat, Albania. It dates mainly from the 13th century and contains many Byzantine churches in the area and Ottomanvmosques. It is built on a rocky hill on the left bank of the river Osum and is accessible only from the south. It is situated at an elevation of 214 metres


Synonymous to heaven, Bogova village is a popular draw because of its magical waterfall, which is famous as Sleeping Pearl under Tomorri Mountain. Spend a memorable time in this XIII century settlement and see the miracle of nature as hundreds of streams come out from the mountains that are home to more than 20 type of trees, herbs and animals.

Museum “Onufri”

The National Iconographic Museum “Onufri” Albanian: Muzeu Kombëtar Ikonografik “Onufri”) is an Albanian national museumdedicated to Byzantine art and iconography in Berat, Albania. The museum is located inside the Church of the Dormition of St Mary in the castle quarter Berat. The museum was named to honor Onufri, an Albanian painting Headmaster of the 16th century.

The museum features on display 173 objects chosen from a found of 1500 objects belonging to the found of Albanian Churches and Monasteries as well as to Berat.