Hotel Onufri

Onufri was a painter of XVI century. The biggest Albanian painter. He brought a revolution in albanian art. We chose to call our Hotel Onufri because same as his revolution in art we tried to make a revolition in architrcture and in hospitality bussines. Our hotel is a new building but with an old Albanian Architecture. Its a combination of wood and Stone. Best masons architecht artisans worked with lot of love and passion. We are proud to say that our ceilings are all hand made by the best wood carves. Our walls made with the stone of Berat same as everything on the hotel our masons for 2 years carved the stones

And made our dream comes true.

This is a family run hotel. 4 Albanian brothers left albania after the democratic revolution in 1991 . Thy emigrate in different countries of europe and worked hard to realise their dream.
Now after 28 years they come back in Albania to build this amazing building and to show the hospitality of Berat to people from all over the world


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Hotel Facilities

We have 22 rooms in our hotel 13 double and 9 twin. All rooms are with best spectacular views of Berat Old town. Decorated with lot of love and pasion keeping. All room ceilngs are hand made.

Besr woodcarves worked for 2 year to bring in life the traditional style of wooden ceilings and furnitures.

Airport Pickup from the hotel car only 100 euro.